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Matthias Van den Brande is a young saxophone player and composer/arranger with already an interesting story. Having lived and studied in various corners of the world, from his home country Belgium to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and the United States (Philadelphia), he developed a strong voice and personality in the jazz idiom and beyond. As a bandleader he performs and records with his own quartet, in which his original compositions and arrangements play an important role. Besides being a leader and sideman in various small groups, Matthias is also a much asked big band player with a lot of experience in this field. One of his most important achievements right now is his collaboration with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, where he’s being featured as a soloist for their project The Future Is Now.

In 2018, Matthias released his debut album as a leader: Opus #1.


Although it’s hard to describe the music of oneself, Matthias has a clear vision of how he wants his music to project to the outside world.

“I strive to evoke a sense of both wonder and melancholy through my own compositions and improvisations, providing the listener a story-telling journey through the unknown!”

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Matthias Van den Brande Group

Opus #1

This new project of saxophonist and composer Matthias Van den Brande offers an exciting new view on what jazz could be in the 21st century. By adding a classical wind quintet to his existing jazz quartet, Matthias explores new pathways of colors and feelings that provide him the inspiration to write refreshing compositions that cross boundaries of both jazz and classical music, ending up in a new and original musical universe. Matthias is now working on his debut album "Opus #1", which will be released soon.


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